A small town girl at large in the (kind of) big city, Roxanne Wieman is originally from Vona, Colo. (Google it) and now lives in Orlando, Flor. (via Chicago, Ill). Roxanne is a big fan of: books, running, high heels, pretty clothes, fantasy, pale ale, red wine, spicy food, Jesus and church/The Church.

Roxanne has worked in publishing for more than nine years. She’s edited books, curriculum, web articles and magazines; worked for Group Publishing, Christianity Today, Barna Group, Q Ideas, Outreach and RELEVANT Media Group. She now serves as an editorial consultant, freelance journalist and pretty much any other role related to words and publishing.

Roxanne has written various articles for various outlets, but is most proud of her award-winning cover story on the relief efforts in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. To read this article and more examples of her professional work, please visit her online portfolio at

Roxanne has also always secretly wanted to be a mermaid. OK, it’s obviously not that secret. But, still, who wouldn’t rather live under the sea?

Follow Roxanne @roxy_composed.

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